Energy star

Super-Charged: Energy Star Through the Eyes of LEED v4


Product Description

With Energy Star being one of the most recognizable certification bodies in our industry, this course will bring you up to date on all you need to know about Energy Star. We will begin with a brief overview of the origination of Energy Star, walking you through the latest updates and changes with the standards. Case studies will illuminate various areas discussed throughout the course.


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  1. Describe the origins of Energy Star.
  2. Analyze Energy Star rating criteria for products.
  3. Specify how using EnergyStar products can affect LEED ratings and credits.
  4. Analyze Energy Star rating criteria for buildings.
  5. Identify which LEED points can be earned for Energy Star rating criteria in new construction, remodeling, and operations.
  6. Describe and analyze CBECS and its relation to Energy Star.
  7. Identify the process for getting a building Energy Star rated through Energy Star PortfolioManager.
  8. Describe the role building professionals play in “Energy Star Challenge”.
  9. Learn BMPs through an Energy Star Case study.