` A Step-by-Step Approach to Earning Energy Star
Approach to earn Energy star

A Step-by-Step Approach to Earning Energy Star


Product Description

This course is a 200 level course that will provide an introduction to the Energy Star rating system and describe the criteria used to label homes and buildings. In this session, we will demonstrate how existing building projects can apply for Energy Star certification, what data will be required, and what benefits projects may earn. The course includes background on the Energy Star for buildings program, applicable tax incentives, demonstrations of EPA tools such as Portfolio Manager, and suggested strategies to improve the energy performance of existing buildings in cost-effective ways. We will conclude with case studies to highlight real-world applications of the efficiency measures described.


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  1. Describe the origins of Energy Star
  2. Analyze Energy Star rating criteria for buildings
  3. Identify which LEED points can be earned for Energy Star rating criteria in new construction, remodeling, and operations
  4. Describe and analyze CBECS and its relation to Energy Star
  5. Identify the process for getting a building Energy Star rated through Energy Star Portfolio Manager
  6. Describe the role building professionals play in #Energy Star Challenge
  7. Learn BMPs through an Energy Star Case study