` The Solar Revolution: A Green Professional's Guide
Solar Revolution: A Green Professional's Guide

The Solar Revolution: A Green Professional’s Guide


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With the booming solar industry in mind, €œThe Solar Revolution: A Green Professional’€™s Guide€ addresses: Fundamentals of Solar Importance of Solar Practical aspects of Solar Promises and Challenges for Solar AND is approved for 1 CE hour through GBCI and AIA. Don’t miss out on this presentation, which will set the stage to enhance your understanding of the Solar industry. Topics covered in this presentation will include: Solar radiation Electricity & Energy basics Return on Investment (ROI) Federal and State Incentives and Rebates Market trends Industry and energy chart analysis Projects Future of Solar. This course creates the basis for a more detailed look at GBRI’€™s new offerings for Homeowners, Investors, Designers, Installers, Project Managers and Sales Professionals


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  1. Describe the importance and basics of solar energy
  2. Identify why renewable energy is important and solar energy’s role
  3. Identify market drivers
  4. Understand how solar energy systems work
  5. Analyze solar case studies and where the solar industry is headed