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Social Equity-Sustainability-and-LEED

Social Equity, Sustainability and LEED: Where are we?

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As the earth’s population grows, the urgency of bringing social equity to the built environment is becoming clearer. How do you approach the inclusion of social equity principles in the built environment? What do you see as the challenges that must be overcome in order to make social equity a standard principle integrated into the built environment?  Join us as Jeslin Varghese and Diana Webb explore this topic through an article.

What you will learn

  • Define social equity and its relation to sustainability
  • Discuss strategies to bring social equity into consideration during projects or on an organizational level
  • Understand the impact of the built environment on social equity
  • Understand the USGBC framework for social equity in the built environment.
  • Recognize the case study “The Brightside project” that demonstrates the extent to which building planners can go to include and measure social equity in the built environment.

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