` Outdoor Water Efficiency
Outdoor Water Efficiency

Outdoor Water Efficiency


Product Description

This article will: Discuss the importance of water efficiency and its drivers. Differentiate between water efficiency and water conservation. Explain the water efficiency credits in LEED BD+C and O+M projects intent, requirements and reference standards. Explore water efficiency strategies and technologies that could be implemented on Green Building projects for enhanced water efficiency in LEED Projects. Explain the water reduction calculations involved in LEED BD +C and O+M WE credits. Water specific case study for NC& EBOM projects respectively.


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  1. Assess factors driving water efficiency
  2. Analyze different outdoor water efficiency strategies measures and technologies according to project requirements
  3. Identify LEED Credits associated with outdoor water efficiency (BD+Cand O+M)
  4. Learn and practice LEED calculations for outdoor water efficiency (BD+C & O+M)
  5. Learn how the Strategies were applied to an actual green building project through 2 LEED certified projects.