Mastering eQuest in 7 Days

Mastering eQuest in 7 Days


Product Description

eQUEST is FREE and easy to download. It’s also the most popular energy-modeling software and can be used in any stage of a product from Schematic plans to full building simulation. Master eQuest in 7 days with this beginner to advanced course. Our Instructor will  cover creation of a building from real design drawing and a real .dwg file. We consider advanced zoning and advanced shell stacking in this detailed 3 story building. Then, we move to detailed mode and work on geometry setup in the building. This eQUEST course takes you from basic wizards through advanced topics, with lots of demo’s within eQUEST. In additon, students will be provided with a building designs and specifications and then shown how to input them step by step into eQUEST.

This course is approved for 10 CE hours

eQuest is a trademark of DOE and James J. Hirsch

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