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The Legacy of Carbon Credits: From A-Z


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Today more than ever, the discussion on carbon credits and carbon footprints is going mainstream.  One reason is we now have a much better understanding of how almost everything we do produces carbon.  Carbon credits have turned into a multi-billion dollar industry where countries, regions, and businesses buy and sell credits through special markets.


There is probably no green topic on which nations have had less agreement than the strategies to put in place for capping carbon production. The disagreements reflect the fact that countries and regions are at different stages of economic development and are reluctant to do anything that could have an unknown impact on economic activity levels.


This critical topic touches on environmental sustainability which drives home the importance of understanding carbon credits.  This course discusses the fundamental of carbon credits, and considers their needs and drivers. There is also a review of where nations, states, cities, and corporations are heading in the world of carbon ‘cap and trade’ and the role of individuals in the carbon credit industry. This is an opportunity to learn important tools and techniques to analyze your project’s carbon foot print. In addition, course attendees learn how LEED v4 addressed carbon credits. 


How You Will Benefit From This Course:

  • Understand the concept of carbon credits
  • Understand and learn the application of carbon credits on the built environment
  • Learn calculations and costs involved
  • Understand the role of carbon credits 
  • Analyze LEED v4 and carbon credits




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