` Indoor Air Quality: Post-Occupancy
Indoor Air Quality: Post-Occupancy

Indoor Air Quality: Post-Occupancy

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This course provides an in-depth look at the issues and strategies associated with preserving and maintaining indoor air quality after building occupancy. Included are discussions of how design decisions made prior to occupancy, as well as practices instituted once a building is operational, can affect occupant health, productivity and attitudes. Strategies to prevent contamination will be discussed, and the course will focus on LEED credits from the BD+C, ID+C, and O+M rating system that relate to post-occupancy IAQ.

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    Very informative.

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    elijan tres posibilidadaes!!

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    Narration was a bit choppy at times, but overall it was good.

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    Very informative!

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    Informative presentation.

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    Providing more visuals as a means to retain more information would be helpful, in my opinion. Thanks.

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    Very useful information

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    The presenter has a very engaging voice.

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    Simple to understnd; great refresher.

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    Am fairly certain the “correct” answer to “What amount of outside air does LEED require to flush out a space” is not correct. The amount stated in the presentation and the amount I’ve always been told it is was deemed “incorrect” in the Quiz section. Hopefully the moderator will review this!

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    Presenter is easy to understand, well-paced, shows some excitement for a potentially dry subject matter

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    Well Organized and easy to understand presentation.

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    More pictures is always strong.

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    One of the best courses. Well prepared course systematically and logically. Great review and summary slides. Some presentation slides do not match with a presentation.

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    Very useful course

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    Great resource of information in the slides

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    Great explanations.

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    Good Course

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    Good course content and applicable quiz.

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    The content in this webminar is great! But the Instructor kept making reading mistakes per slide.

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  1. Describe the effects of good and bad IAQ on occupant health and productivity
  2. Assess post-occupancy IAQ practices for effectiveness and compliance
  3. Discuss the LEED requirements for post-occupancy IAQ
  4. Analyze case studies that demonstrate good IAQ procedures, and evaluate how these practices could be applied to other projects