GREENovation: Stimulate and Enhance Your Building’s IEQ

GREENovation: Stimulate and Enhance Your Building’s IEQ


Product Description

Humans spend the majority of their time inside buildings, be it homes, schools, offices, or shopping malls. Therefore, the quality of indoor air is critical to human health and can even impact outdoor air quality, depending on the type of building ventilation system. The concept of Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) also addresses comfort and healthy living for building occupants. This course looks at advanced strategies, methods, and techniques that can be used to enhance the indoor air quality and ambiance of a building. In addition, the course also looks at technological tools to simulate and enhance IEQ, such as daylighting modeling, CFD analysis, and BIM. The green building case studies included in the course provide real world examples of implemented strategies. The course also looks at LEED v4 enhancements to IEQ standards and implementation strategies.





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  1. Understand the role of technology on IEQ enhancement.
  2. Analyze daylight modeling.
  3. Analyze CFD.
  4. Review effectiveness through case studies.