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Green Materials, Greenwashing, & 3rd Party Certification


Product Description


Green Materials Greenwashing, & 3rd Party Certification is an introductory level course designed to help LEED professionals understand the materials they use in their building products. Focusing on full-lifespan sustainability as it applies to the environment, end user satisfaction, and socioeconomic factors will help participants to understand more about how the choices that they make with regards to project materials will affect the world around them. Here we will define what makes a product green or sustainable. Having an understanding of third-party rating systems can help builders and designers be better-informed consumers and prevent buying into greenwashing. We will provide an overview of how to choose materials for a project, what to look for and how to determine sustainability . We will help you to understand green mate rial specifications and how to include them in construction documents and LEED documentation. We will discusses embodied energy o f virgin an d recycled materials, and what this means to LEED projects.


  1. Evaluate the sustainability of various materials
  2. Calculate recycled, reused, and rapidly renewable content in materials
  3. Analyze the embodied energy in building materials and products
  4. Identify greenwashing in promotions and marketing
  5. Describe the credits in the Materials and Resources section for LEED BD+C, O+M, and ID+C products


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