Elements of a Green Home: Sites & Energy

Elements of a Green Home: Sites & Energy


Product Description

The course explores how to use green technology and systems in home building and renovation. The course also includes lessons learned from building San Antonio’s first LEED Platinum town home projects. This installation will discuss the Sustainable Sites and Energy and Atmosphere sections of the rating system.


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  1. Evaluate the advantages of a green home over a code built home.
  2. Differentiate LEED for Homes from other LEED rating systems.
  3. Identify & Evaluate strategies pertaining to location and linkages site selection
  4. Evaluate and analyze energy efficiency strategies applicable to design, construction and operation of Homes.
  5. Implement strategies and document them (sites, energy) for LEED credit compliance (LL,SS & EA)
  6. Analyze the applications of LEED credits through different case studies.
  7. Learn about tax incentives from building green