` Elements of a Green Home - IEQ & ID
Elements of a Green Home - IEQ & ID

Elements of a Green Home – IEQ & ID


Product Description

The course explores how to use green technology and systems in home building and renovation. The course also includes lessons learned from building San Antonio’s first LEED Platinum town home projects. This specific course is part two in our three-part series that introduces the LEED for Homes rating system. In this installation, we will look at issues related to indoor environments and at the design innovation involved in residential construction.


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  1. Evaluate and analyze indoor environmental quality (IEQ) strategies applicable to design, construction and operation of Homes.
  2. Implement strategies and document them for LEED credit compliance.
  3. Analyze the importance of integrated project planning and innovation in the design and construction of a LEED Home.
  4. Analyze the applications of LEED credits through different case studies.
  5. Evaluate the advantages of a green home over a code-built home.