` The Economics of Green Building
The Economics of Green Building

The Economics of Green Building


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The course will highlight where the costs for green building come in, and where projects can find savings from green interventions.We will look at specific green interventions, as well as their costs and expected return on investment, and relate this back to how effective each is from a sustainable standpoint. We will also highlight some of the most cost-effective green interventions, both from an environmental standpoint and in terms of the LEED points that can be earned for the intervention.


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  1. Identify the embedded costs of green building
  2. Describe the potential for return-on-investment for green interventions to team members and clients
  3. Differentiate between green interventions that will make a difference and “greenwash” products
  4. Analyze various strategies for applicability to your project and budget viability
  5. Describe a case study project and identify return on investment for its green interventions.