Building Information Modeling (BIM) & Green Buildings

Building Information Modeling (BIM) & Green Buildings


Product Description

This course is designed to be an overview of BIM applications and functionality, particularly as it relates to the green building industry. It will begin by looking at the problems that BIM was developed to solve,and then move on to the uses and benefits that BIM can offer a project. In this course we will explore BIM’s applications to green building and see how the technology can be used in various project stages. We will look at the potential for reducing interdisciplinary clashes and the simplification of construction document production. We will also look at how BIM can be used to created LEED documentation.


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  1. Describe BIM’s genesis and function.
  2. Utilize BIM’s potential for: Conceptual design, Documentation, Operational management, Energy simulation, Daylight simulation, Construction analysis, and Simplification of construction process
  3. Identify where BIM can be used to earn/ document LEED credits.
  4. Analyze BIM’s application in a case study project.