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Building Green on a Budget: A Life Cycle Approach


Product Description


In the world of dollars and cents, there must be a business case developed for building green. Many people hold the belief that sustainable architecture has to cost more than traditional buildings. The truth is far different. Considering the project from a holistic perspective, making the right decisions concerning building elements, and managing budgets can lead to green buildings that either cost the same or only have a small cost differential.

This course conducts a detailed analysis of the cost of building green throughout the life cycle of a project. It looks at different green elements starting from the conception of the project to the point where the project is handed over to the building owner. It compares different delivery methods such as Design Build and Design Bid Build to analyze associated green costs. Learn from the experts how to reduce the costs of building green without losing the essence of project. The course reviews methods for analyzing and breaking down green cost elements; adopting a life cycle approach; the lessons learned from prior projects; and what to watch for when building on a budget.


  1. Analyze the cost of building green through out the life cycle of a project
  2. Analyze various elements that affect the cost of building green
  3. Learn cost effective solutions through case studies
  4. Understand the advantages of life cycle approach to reduce costs
  5. Lessons learned from building green


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