` Welcome Back- LEED v4 Project Implementation Plus
Welcome Back- LEED v4 Project Implementation Plus

Welcome Back- LEED v4 Project Implementation Plus


Product Description

Renew your CE account today with GBRI’€™s All-Inclusive LEED Project Implementation Plus program that gives you 2 year access to everything you need to be knowledgeable and project-ready with the new LEED v4. This program not only includes a 4-week online course series walking you through credit requirements, reference standards, implementation strategies and documentation guidelines, but also includes 17 straightforward €œHow-to€ videos comprised of various examples and case studies with the new LEED rating system. This extensive program, developed by GBRI’€™s industry experts, takes a close look at the LEED v4 credits that have undergone the most drastic changes from the previous LEED. In addition to hands-on experience, you will also earn 32 GBCI/AIA CE Hours including 12 LEED Specific BD+C, 6 ID+C, and 6 O+M CE Hours.

*This is a live course series. The first 4 online meetings will take place each week covering 1 month. The remaining How-To series will take place approximately once per month throughout 2015 with a schedule to be released in the near future.


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  • Week 1: LEED Process We will walk through the key foundational concepts that LEED APs need to grasp in order to maximize the success of a project including the rating system selection, Minimum Program Requirements, Integrative process, and more, as well as credit analysis of the LT category. Student exercise – Research and Feasibility of a credit
  • Week 2: Credit by credit analysis SS & WE. Student exercise – Water Budget Calculation
  • Week 3: Credit by credit analysis EA. Student exercise – Research and Post Green Ideas through GBRI’€™s interactive forum- Green Box
  • Week 4: Credit by credit analysis€“ MR & IEQ. Student exercise Research green building materials and products as applicable for the project