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What's Included In Our WELL AP Exam Study Prep ?

    • WELL AP Study Guide: The Best Comprehensive Study Guide

    • Module Wise Practice Quizzes: 500+ Practice Test Questions With Answer Explanations

    • Self-Paced Online Study Modules: Access It On Any Device 24 x 7 for 1 full year

    • Flash Cards & Memory Charts: Study On The Go For Your WELL AP Exam!

    • MP3 Audio Files: Study Anytime On Your Phone Or Music Player

    • Mock Exams/Practice Tests: 5 Practice Tests Simulated Like the Actual WELL AP Exam!

What Are USGBC Pro-Reviewers Saying?

“This course is as advertised in the title “All-Inclusive” and will have you well prepared for the WELL AP exam. There are several things that I liked about this course. The course format is great as the presentations are broken out into small segments that allow you to repeat a section if needed, skip ahead as needed, or come back to something at a later time. The course is also loaded with content that includes the presentation slides, presentation audios (for you to listen on the go), a Suggested Road Map, and loaded Study Guide. There are multiple practice exams that closely match the type of questions you will see on the WELL AP.” –

“Attendees need not have started studying for the exam prior to taking this course; it truly is “all-inclusive.” There are multiple presentations, practice quizzes, and resources within this course meant to fully prepare attendees to pass the WELL AP exam.

What I liked best about this course was the “WELL AP Exam Prep Suggested Road Map.” –

Summer Minchew

How Will GBRI's WELL AP Exam Prep Work?

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Master The WELL Concepts With Our Memory Tools. Utilize The 5 Simulated Practice Exams! You Are All Set To Ace the WELL AP Exam Like a Pro!

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Jeslin Varghese, WELL AP, LEED AP and PMP – Director of Sustainability @GBRI

Veronica Flores, LEED AP, GGP – Certified Instructor @GBRI

Kayla Gerstenberg, LEED AP BD+C – Director of Education @GBRI

Felicia Fuller, LEED Green Associate – Manager of Certifications and Education

1 review for All-Inclusive WELL AP Exam Preparation

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    This is an ambitious course. I became a WELL AP in August (which I think was before this course became available), but I know that I would have been more confident when taking the exam if I had used the extensive studying materials (videos, pdf study guides, and practice exams) which this course provides. The exam is difficult and detail-oriented (as it should be, considering the vast amount of information that is contained in the WELL Building Standard), and this course would be a very helpful tool in preparing to take the exam.

    Even if you are more of a visual learner who prefers studying at your own pace (this is how I tend to learn best when preparing for an exam), this course would still be helpful . The videos are enjoyable, and the pdf study guides are definitely preferable to just working with the free pdfs available on the International WELL Building Institute’s website (although I can’t speak for the WELL AP Preparation Guide and WELL AP Practice Tests, which I just saw are now available for purchase through the IWBI’s new WELL AP Study Plan web page). When I studied for the WELL AP exam, I only had the free study materials which I had downloaded and printed from the IWBI website (and a few highlighters which ran out of ink as I became highlighter-happy with the many phrases, statistics, and metrics that I thought I might need to re-review before the exam) – this was stressful. When watching the videos in this course and reading through the study guides, I imagined how much less stressed I would have been if I had taken this course when studying for the exam this summer. I also enjoyed re-reviewing the WELL Building Standard material in a new way while taking this course.

    In addition to the “All-Inclusive WELL AP Exam Prep: I am doing WELL! Are You?” introductory video (which I’d recommend even if you are not yet sure whether you would like to pursue becoming a WELL AP), this course includes a video for each WELL Concept category. The WELL Concept videos’ narrators vary, but they are all very engaging speakers. I liked how each video’s narrator introduced themselves as the module instructor and made each video feel more personal. I particularly liked the Mind Concept video (although this is also my favorite WELL Concept). One technical note on the videos – I did not encounter audio issues with the videos that I watched on my desktop, but there were quite a few times when watching the other videos on my iPad that the audio would randomly cut out when the course switched to a new slide. If this happens to you, click on the previous slide in the module outline to the left, and the audio should fix itself.

    This is an excellent course – I would definitely recommend it if you are considering whether to use this course in preparing for the WELL AP exam.

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  • What’s the difference between the live online meetings and on-demand modules?
    Live online meetings and on-demand modules are two options to choose from based on your schedule and preferences.  Both options cover the same in-depth content and review of the LEED v4 rating system with industry experts.  If your schedule allows you to join weekly online meetings with your peers, we highly encourage this method.  Should you find yourself needing a more flexible option, the on-demand modules are the best choice for you.
  •  What if I can’t make it to one of the live online meetings?
    No worries, you receive access to the on-demand modules with your registration for the live meetings.
  • How is the module content structured?
    GBRI has broken down the key information you need to know for your WELL AP Exam into 8 modules.  Each will cover multiple topics or categories within the WELL Building Standard.
  • What if I register for on-demand modules but have questions for the instructors?
    We encourage questions from our students and love interacting with you!  You’ll get access to contact information to submit any and all of your questions. Our industry experts make themselves available to provide feedback to you have within 1-2 business days of receiving your message.
  •  Are there any prerequisite to take the WELL AP Exam?
    There are no prerequisites to take the WELL AP Exam. Everything you need is included in GBRI’s All Inclsuive WELL AP Exam Preparation Package.
  • How do I access GBRI’s WELL AP Exam Prep Course Materials?
    Everything you need is available through our on-demand portal 24×7. All you need is a computer or laptop or tablet with internet access.