` Advances in HVAC Technology: What's New?
Advances in HVAC Technology: What's New?

Advances in HVAC Technology: What’s New?


Product Description

Dave Pratt, Mechanical Engineer and Certified Energy Manager, will describe and analyze newer innovations in HVAC technology. Technologies and systems such as Air side economizers, Advanced (Cold Climate) Heat pumps, Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV), Variable refrigerant volume/flow (VRV/VRF), Active Chilled Beams with DOAS, and Liquid Desiccant Air Conditioning (LDAC) will be explained as part of this course. In addition, Operational costs, system benefits, efficiency, and considerations will be discussed. Dave Pratt will explain on how to choose a system, design tradeoffs, LEED Applicability and will look at LEED Case Studies.


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  1. Describe how HVAC systems work and their importance to energy efficiency in buildings
  2. Analyze new energy efficient HVAC systems and their return on investment (ROI)
  3. Evaluate various energy efficient HVAC systems
  4. Discuss how energy efficient HVAC technologies can assist in earning various LEED credits
  5. Learn how the strategies were applied to an actual green building project through 2 LEED certified projects