` 10 Things You Should Know about LEED v4
10 Things You Should Know about LEED v4

10 Things You Should Know about LEED v4


This course will explore the top ten salient features and changes present in LEED v4 as it compares to LEED 2009. We will examine changes relevant to accredited professionals as well as project certifications.

Product Description

This one hour course will look at the top ten changes and additions with the latest version of the LEED rating system. We will explore credit category changes, the removal of many credits, updated reference standards, changes to project certification process as well as changes relevant to LEED accredited professionals. This course will keep you up to date and aware of the key pieces of information you’ll need as we continue to move into the new era of LEED v4.0.


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  1. Analyze the salient credit changes as well as credits that were removed or are new to LEED rating systems with v4.0.
  2. Discuss the relevant changes in the project certification process including costs, documentation and standards.
  3. Explore the overarching concepts that have changed with LEED v4.0 related to outreach and overall ease of use with the rating systems.
  4. Understand the concept of integrated process as it applies to professionals and projects seeking LEED v4.0 certification.