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Climate Change

Impact Investing

Impact Investing – What You Need to Know

This article will explore the phenomenon of impact investing and all its facets from the basic definition all the way to potential future of an impact investing network.

Climate Change and health

Climate Change And Health: A Lunchtime Chat With Dr. Joan Schiller

Dr. Joan Schiller is a medical oncologist and adjunct professor at University of Virginia. She is passionate about the impact of climate change on health. She recently published two articles on the subject in The Journal of Clinical Oncology – Oncology Practice and Lung Cancer News, a publication of the International Association for the Study of Lung Cancer.

Join us as Dr. Schiller explores the topic and shares her wisdom.

Traditional Knowledge

Back To The Basics: Embracing The Richness Of Traditional Knowledge For A “Greener” Earth

When Western science cannot explain particular environmental issues with hardcore data, there is invaluable information that is never discovered. Indigenous people, on the other hand, rely on ingrained knowledge to assess the natural world. The knowledge is called by many names, but it is commonly referenced as Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK). Can we incorporate Indigenous Knowledge into Environmental Sustainability and Sustainable Infrastructures?

china power plants

Outsourcing Pollution: Are Developed Countries Outsourcing Pollution?

Learn about the current pollution and climate situation, how a country is able to outsource pollution and what that means for you with this LEED & AIA CE article. Brush up on the recent events and agreements the United States has taken part in and leave with an idea of how to have your voice heard.

The Journey of Your Waste: Is it Sustainable?

In this article, we will look at different types of waste we produce and analyze the processes currently employed to process it. We will analyze and learn from waste management practices employed by companies like Walmart and Microsoft, countries like Sweden, and an individual like Bea Johnson.

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