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Climate Change Trailblazer Nasa

By attending the GBRI Climate Change Info Session you have earned the Climate Change Trailblazer badge. This serves as the first step towards becoming a GBRI Certified Climate Change Ambassador.


Climate Change Warrior

Welcome to the next stage of your journey towards becoming a well-informed and proactive Climate Change Ambassador. In this level, we delve deeper into the multifaceted issues surrounding climate change, from basic scientific principles to its social and economic ramifications. The courses in this level are meticulously designed to offer a well-rounded perspective, providing not just knowledge but also sparking the critical thinking needed to engage meaningfully with the challenges at hand.
You’ll learn about the fundamental science behind climate change in ‘Climate Change – Get the Basics Right.’ Explore the health implications with an expert in ‘Climate Change and health: a lunchtime chat with Dr. Joan Schiller.’ Contemplate responsibility and accountability with courses like ‘Climate Change: Not My Problem (But Whose Is It?)’ and ‘Outsourcing Pollution: Are Developed Countries Outsourcing Pollution?’.
We also venture into specialized domains, examining the sustainability of our oceans, the burgeoning field of cultivated meat, the ethics of travel, and the roles different industries play in exacerbating or mitigating climate change.
By completing these courses, you are not just enriching your understanding but also equipping yourself to be part of meaningful dialogues and actions that can lead to lasting change.


Climate Change Trailblazer

Completing ‘Climate Change and You – Is it end game now’ serves as an enlightening first step on your journey towards becoming a GBRI Certified Climate Change Ambassador. This course has exposed you to the urgency of acting now and has touched upon critical intersections of climate change with energy, healthcare, the built environment, vulnerable populations, and biodiversity. The knowledge you’ve gained is both a tool and a responsibility. Now, equipped with this foundational understanding, you’re ready to dive deeper. Take the next step by signing up for GBRI’s Climate Change Ambassador Program and continue to empower yourself and your community with actionable, meaningful ways to combat climate change.


Achieve Your Climate Change Ambassador Badge

Congratulations on your unwavering perseverance and commitment to sustainability. You’ve made it to the final level of GBRI’s Climate Change Ambassador Program, a feat that marks you as not just a learner but a leader, someone deeply committed to transformative change.
In this final stage, your courses offer a comprehensive view that moves beyond foundational knowledge and dives into nuanced, actionable aspects of sustainability. You will explore cutting-edge technologies such as carbon capture, delve into corporate responsibility, examine sustainable pet ownership, and even consider the viability of plastic roads and traditional knowledge for a greener future. These courses also introduce you to the evolving field of sustainable finance, touching on topics like ESG Disclosure and Impact Investing.
As you engage with this extensive and versatile curriculum, remember that each course, article, and exercise further equips you to be a true Climate Change Ambassador. You’ve come a long way, and this final level encapsulates the essence of what it means to be both informed and actionable in the realm of sustainability. Prepare to broaden your horizons even further as you undertake this last but incredibly significant part of your journey.


Climate Change Champion

Congratulations on advancing to the Champion Level of GBRI’s Climate Change Ambassador Program! Having demonstrated your dedication as a Warrior, you are now entering a more advanced and nuanced sphere of climate education. At this level, you will be delving into some of the most critical and complex issues affecting our planet and society.
From grappling with the ethical dimensions of climate justice to evaluating the efficacy of international treaties like the Paris Agreement, these courses will challenge you to consider not just the ‘what,’ but the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of sustainable solutions. You’ll also explore the role of government policies, corporate responsibility, and individual choices in contributing to—or mitigating—the climate crisis.
Through these immersive learning experiences, you are not only broadening your own understanding but also arming yourself with the knowledge and insights needed to be a true Champion for climate change action. Now let’s dive deeper into these multifaceted issues and expand our toolkit for meaningful impact.

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