Learning Unit (LU) is used by American Institute of Architects ‘s Continuing Education Systems (AIA/CES) and is based on a 60-minute hour.

AIA members are required to complete 18 hours of continuing education annually, and 12 of those hours must be health, safety, and welfare (HSW) education.

According to AIA, “Continuing education credits can be earned in a number of ways. Members can take courses from approved AIA providers in a variety of learning formats: face to face, online, etc. Members can self-report activities for general LU’s from courses take from non AIA providers and from independent research activities.”

For more information about earning AIA education credits, visit:

You can self-report your LUs from your AIA transcript or have us automatically report the LUs on your behalf.  To have us automatically report your CE hours please make sure you have filled out our one-time reporting form.

Yes, all of our continuing education courses are approved by AIA.

If you still have any questions that are not answered yet, please contact our support team!