better late than never

Better Late Than Never: Recharge, Renew, Rejuvenate Your Existing Building


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Product Description

Representing 95 percent of the built environment, existing buildings present enormous opportunities to green the environment. They cannot be ignored if real progress is to be made. Many existing buildings do not perform well in terms of energy and water consumption and fail to provide a healthy environment for occupants. This course discusses the analyzation process for determining whether existing buildings should be renovated or torn down and rebuilt from the ground up. It identifies and explores cost effective strategies and cutting edge technologies that can recharge, renew and rejuvenate an existing building. The course also looks at LEED v4 requirements for Existing Buildings and considers the future of existing buildings in light of growing environmental challenges. By the end of this course each participant will be able to:

  • Compare the impact and role of existing buildings to new construction as it pertains to the triple bottom line
  • Understand the need of rejuvenating existing buildings
  • Analyze simple cost effective startegies to renew existing buildings
  • Discuss cutting edge technolgies to rejuvenate existing buildings
  • Learn from the leaders in existing building casestudies
  • Understand LEED V4 requirements for EB


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Course Preview


Paulina Marinkovic
GBRI Instuctor

Michael Hidary
Co-Founder of Samba Energy